About Our Products

 Quality laser etched products that last

About Laser Etching and Products

My process involves using CO2 lasers to permanently mark our products. 

Glass etching with a CO2 laser involves using heat to explode the very tiny air pockets in the glass. This process creates a permanent mark into the glass that will never wear off. The etching is not very deep using this process and is barely noticeable when you run your hand over it.  
All etched glassware is 100% dishwasher safe!
Powder Coated insulated Stainless Steel - For our powder coated products, the laser’s heat pulverizes the pow Eder coating off leaving the stainless steel exposed underneath. This creates a silver image on the product.
All of our Polar Camel insulated products have a very durable powder coating that will not scratch easily. 
This image will never come off these products. 
These are not dishwasher safe due to the risk of the insulated vacuum steel failing from repeated exposure to dishwasher heat. 
Wooden products 
Our wood products use the same CO2 laser to both engrave and cut the wood. 
The process of cutting wood leaves a brown to dark brown edge on the sides from burning through it. 
All the products using Baltic birch are made from 1/8 inch cabinet grade plywood (B/BB). This is a high strength plywood that allows us to cut fine details. Baltic birch comes from Northeastern Europe and we source ours from a family operated supply company in the USA. 
Ornaments - We cut each ornament in our studio. The handed painted ornaments are then sent to a local artists who paints each one by hand and assembles them.
If you have any questions about our products or anything else, please feel free to reach out with our Ask a Question form.