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Working with Adirondack Etching

If you would like to offer our products in your store, we're here help. With low minimum orders and fair pricing, you can purchase as much or as little as you need. 

We understand many small businesses don't have the space to order the quantities needed to get a fair price. That's where we can help. Whether it's a minimum sized order or a large order, we can help and the pricing will be the same. 

** Wholesale exceptions **

Please note the following areas are unavailable for wholesale purchase due to exclusive contracts. 

New YorkOld Forge, Inlet, Lake George and Bolton Landing

There are a variety of ways we can work together. You can sign up for any or all of the below programs. 

Read below to learn about each program. You can sign up for as many as you like. Sign up here:  Sign up here!


Wholesale allows you to purchase products at our deepest discount. This method has small minimum orders. You can offer any design on our website. Custom designs are also available. 

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a great way to offer products to customers without having to purchase in quantities from us. This option has a lower discount than wholesale because you are not required to purchase items ahead of time. A great way to earn money if you have your own website.

With your drop shipping account, you will get free quality photos of the products you order. Images are posted online for you to use on your website, social media, etc. 

Wholesale customers get higher discounts on drop shipping rates.

How does drop shipping work?  You will need receive and account on my website with the drop shippers discount. When a customer orders from you, you place the order on my website. You can have the order shipped directly to the customer, or yourself. 

If you are a wholesale customer, you can also be a drop ship customer. A great way to offer more products from my site without having to purchase them directly. 

Affiliate program

My affiliate program is a geared towards earning money for influencers, fund raisers, and royalty payouts. 

How the affiliate program works - You will need to sign up for an affiliate account. You will be provided with an affiliate dashboard that will track your sales. You will receive payouts on a regular basis based on agreed terms. 

There are two methods to earn money on the affiliate program. 

When you have an affiliate account, you will have an affiliate specific link. You provide that link to your followers. When someone purchases through that link, you receive 10%-15% credit in your affiliate account. You can provide links to specific products, categories and our website in general. A great way to raise money by posting to your followers, creating ads on your website, or links in newsletters. Very easy way to earn a little extra money! 

There are also options to track royalties within our affiliate program. This method can have higher returns.  Anytime someone purchases these royalty products, you are automatically credited for that purchase. No special links required. This is a great option to offer my products with your logo, for fundraisers, sell your artwork and more without having to purchase anything directly.

Yes, your affiliate program can do both! You can earn money with royalties AND other products. If you use your specific affiliate link to send followers to your specific royalty products, but they purchase something else instead, you will still earn credit for that purchase.


Thank you 

Larry Gonyea - Owner/Operator 

Have questions about these programs? Contact me here