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Are the glasses dishwasher safe?
Yes! the laser etched glasses are completely dishwasher safe. The design in etched into the glass and will never fade or peel off.
Will you do any Lake or Pond?
 Yes, any lake in the United States.  I offer to design any lake or pond. You order comes with the lake outline and name of the lake. 
Do you make rivers or coastlines? 
I do not offer to draw rivers or coastlines. I have a variety or river life related designs you can find here. A section of river is often a skinny line that will not show up well on our products. 
Coastlines and islands are often too difficult to draw and represent well. 
Can you etch my logo?
As long as it's your company logo, Yes! If you're asking to do another logo for a sports team or college, I'm afraid those items are copyright and I would have to decline.
There may be minimum amount required for custom work. 
To get your logo on our products, please send a high-resolution image; PDF, EPS or high-quality JPEG, preferably in one color, to [email protected] or fill out the custom request form and upload your logo.
Are there design limitations to what you can etch?
There are things we do not etch on our products. 
  • Photographs - They do not translate well to glass or the powder coated items. 
  • Foul language.
  • Politically related.
  • Anything that can be considered racist or may discriminate against others.
  • Trademark or copyright material that you are not the owner of. i.e. Sports team logos, college logos, etc. 
Do you etch plaques, awards and things other than drinkware?
At this time, we do not engrave items like plaques, awards or trophies. By specializing, we can offer a large variety and quick turnaround times. There are several other companies and people in our area that offer those services.
Can you etch on both sides of the drinkware?
Yes, we can. However, keep in mind when the glassware is empty you will be able to see the etching on the opposite side. This makes it harder to see both designs. It’s visually better to have the etch on one side of a glass. There is an additional fee for the second side. Fee depends on the type of item requested. 
Do you wholesale?
Yes we do! We are a small business specializing in helping other small business in the Adirondack region. We understand that it's hard for small owner/operated retail businesses to afford and keep large orders. That's why we offer a tiered wholesale pricing. The more you buy, the more you'll save. 
Contact me for details.
How long does it take to have custom items completed?
The turn around time for custom work can vary depending on the amount and what type of drinkware you are looking for. but generally speaking, you can expect a 1 to 2 week turn around.
If I supply the items, can you etch them for me?
I'm afraid not.
All items are a little different. Settings and set up can be different and there is some testing (and waste) involved before we are happy with the results. Some glassware types do not etch well at all (especially if they contain lead) and some powder coatings on steel can be toxic when etched.
More Questions?
Use the contact page to get a hold of me. I'd be happy to answer any questions I may have missed here.