Your Custom Lake - Glassware

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Product Overview

Get your lake, pond or puddle silhouette on one of our Insulated Tumblers. I have a LOT of lake silhouettes already. But I know I haven't done them all. :) 

This product is good for your lake outline and the name of the lake. (If you don't want the lake name, leave me a note about that.)

This design is permanently etched into the glass. The design will never fade or wear off. These glasses are all 100% dishwasher safe.

Choose the glassware style and color you'd like. 


Fill out your lake name and state it's located in.  I'll get back to you in a day or two with a mock up of the design. All mockups must be aproved before production begins. 

How to order: 

  1. Choose the drinkware type you want. 
  2. Choose how many you want. Free shipping on orders over $50!
  3. At check out, you can have us ship your glassware or pick it up if you are local to the Glens Falls area.

To find our more about each type of glassware, chek out the slideshow below.

Please note tha not all designs may work for all types of drinkware.