Branding With Drinkware

People will always need and use drinkware. Etched glassware has proven to be an item that never goes out of style and is great for uses around the home. Exposure can be everyday as people sit around a dinner table or have company over for cocktails or game night. Water bottles and travel mugs are recommend items for out of the house. People carry them to work, the gym, to play, to hike, to watch a game or any number of activities. This is great exposure! So let's do that, right?  

Quality Matters

Yes, drinkware will get you out there. Now you want to maximize that exposure by giving customers, clients, employees or donors something they will love to use all the time. If they use it all the time, others will see it and your brand. 

Let's say you bought some pint glasses or water bottles from a place that prints your logo or puts a vinyl sticker on them. That seemed to be an inexpesive way to do it. But how long is that logo going to stay on? It doesn't take too many times in the dishwasher before it starts to fade or fall off. They might still like the glass or bottle, but now your brand is not visible. 

Laser-etched items may cost more up front, but it does not wear off. Our glasses can be put in the dishwasher over and over again and the image will remain the same as the day they got it. Thermal stainless steel water bottles are not dishwasher safe, but can hold up easily to hot water and scrubbing. 

Spending a little more on our laser-etched drinkware will get you a lot more exposure over time.

We would love to talk to you about branding your logo on our selection of quality items. Use the Contact page to request more information on bulk pricing or with any questions.